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Skeletons in the Closet Initiative

The LAMAR Institute researchers continue to seek out little known details of early archaeological exploits in southeastern North America. This research initiative has resulted in the discovery (or rediscovery) of many important archaeological excavations, archaeological collections, and biographical details of early archaeologists and antiquarians for this region. From the 18th century account of William Bartram to the unfulfilled obligations of CRM archaeologists of the 1990s the archaeological resources of southeastern North America have been discovered and documented to a greater or lesser degree.The list of people who were fascinated by Georgia's archaeological heritage is long and it includes many recognized scholars as well as many more lesser known laypersons.

We have focused primarily on Georgia's antiquities that are documented to the lesser degree but the research initiative is not limited to Georgia.  Several LAMAR Institute reports in the "Reports" section of this website address this research topic. These include:

  • Stubbs Mound: A WPA mound excavation in Bibb County--
  • Fortson Mound:  Rediscovery of a 1950s UGA mound excavation in Wilkes County--
  • Clark Hill Reservoir; Overivew synthesis of a 1950s River Basin Survey by NPS and UGA archaeologists on the central Savannah River--
  • Isabel Patterson-A.R. Kelly Letters: Correspondence transcribed by Jerald Ledbetter--
  • A.R. Kelly Interview: Interviewed by Mark Williams--
  • Browns Mount: A WPA site exploration in Bibb County --
  • Kolomoki Mounds:  Thomas Pluckhan's return to Kolomoki Mounds--
  • Roland Steiner:  An ongoing biographical/archaeological research project by Dan Elliott--
  • Sansavilla Bluff:  Return to a site explored by UGA archaeologists in the 1960s--
  • Estatoe: Return to a mound site in Lake Hartwell, Stephens County--
  • Nacoochee Mound: Return to a mound site explored by Heye, Hodge and Pepper in 1914 in White County--
  • Flint River Survey:  Watershed-wide survey of sites and collections--
  • Tugalo:  Return to a mound site explored by NPS and UGA archaeologists in Lake Hartwell, Stephens County--
  • St. Simons Island:  Bibliographic overview of previous archaeological research in Glynn County--
  • Fort Prince George:  Marshall Williams reminiscences of the Fort Prince George, SC excavations--
  • Okfuskenena:  Review of the exploration of Okfuskenena town in Lake West Point, Troup County--
  • Lampedocia:  Rediscovery of an early 19th century account of a prehistoric settlement in Camden County--
  • Nicholas Childers:  Rediscovery of an early 19th century archaeological explorer in central Georgia--
  • Macon North Plateau:  Review of WPA excavations on Macon Plateau in Bibb County--
  • William McGlashan: Rediscovery of an early 19th century collector in the Ogeechee River watershed--